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Buzz Retail Limited is the world leading toys point-of-sale demonstration company. In Buzz Retail we believe in a fully integrated and comprehensive approach at the point of sale. By staffing retailers with our own point-of-sale demonstrators, we provide greater focus on our brands, bringing the product alive and increasing sales significantly.

Buzz work with the top toy stores/departments in the world (Hamleys, Harrods and Selfridges) demonstrating high-impact products, with thoroughly trained, knowledgeable and outgoing sales staff providing a pleasurable an exciting in-store experience for our customers.

The level of expertise and knowledge that we provide brings the product alive in an interactive and engaging way whilst forming a connection with the end user and positioning us as a valuable partner to the retailer.

Over the years our demonstration model has proven to be extremely successful at providing substantial sales combined with exceptional “retail theatre”. Many believe that in today’s growing online shopping environment, brick and mortar stores have to create a “Buzz” for their customers when they walk through the door and we constantly strive to do that.​In recent years, we have been focusing on distributing our range of products through online shops and wholesale customers as well.

Buzz holds an established, varied and ever developing product range in various categories including: Remote Control, Arts and Crafts, Girls Pampering and Christmas. Over the years, we have created strong relationships with our retail partners and through sales analysis and customer feedback, we effectively create new concepts, engage the customer, increase sales and consistently turn up the “Buzz” in the store.